Kitchen Care

Kitchen Care

Pot & Pan Soap

This liquid dishwashing concentrate is ideal for institutional hand washing where performance is a must and economy is desired. The combination of biodegradable synthetic detergents and wetting agents breaks up the heaviest encrustations on pots and pans, yet is gentle to the hands. Because it contains no soap, this product will not water-spot glassware or leave a film. It forms long-lasting suds without scum in hard water, and rinses freely and cleans thoroughly. Pot & Pan Soap is recommended for use in restaurants, cafeterias, lounges, institutions, hospitals, schools and all other hand dishwashing applications. Its gentle-to-the-hands action and high quality satisfy the most discriminating user.

pH : 9.0-10.0
Dilution: 1 oz per gallon
Appearance: Green
Odor: Lemon
Package Size: 4×1, 5, 35, 55

Grill & Oven Cleaner

Grill & Oven Cleaner is designed to quickly penetrate and remove baked on grease and carbon from ovens and grills. The powerful surfactant system is capable of handling the toughest soils without leaving an oily film or residual build-up. In addition, this product’s viscosity allows it to adhere to vertical surfaces. Not for use on aluminum surfaces.

pH : >13.0
Dilution: RTU
Appearance: Yellow
Odor: Bland
Package Size: 12x22oz, 4×1


Endure is a microbiological breakthrough that allows the natural ability of bacteria/enzymes to digest and degrade waste, even in the presence of bleach and chlorinated dishwash, which inhibit the performance of most products on the market. This outstanding product has the remarkable ability to withstand intermittent high temperatures (up to 180 ° F) and the high alkalinity of many cleaning products. Endure utilizes the natural ability of unique bacterial strains to degrade the solid waste that accumulates in grease traps and drain lines.

pH : 8.0-9.0
Appearance: White
Dilution: RTU
Odor: Cherry
Package Size: 12 Qt, *4×1, 5, 35, 55