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At American Formula, we believe that quality service should go hand-in-hand with quality products. It is for that reason that we do not simply manufacture cleaning chemicals; we provide complete cleaning solutions. At American Formula our “Quality Customer Service” entails providing efficient, quick and friendly service, combined with building strong relationships in our customer base, handling complaints quickly and responding to customers’ issues on time. Quality customer service is the best way to keep AMF customers coming back, thus ensuring long-term success in their cleaning programs with sustainable results.​

The full line of cleaning agents developed by AMF provides effective, economical cleaning solutions for virtually every task, from day-to-day cleaning to the most challenging soils and stains. American Formula listens and responds to our customers, developing new products and solutions while also formulating more environmentally responsible and user-friendly products, just in time, with the quick turn-around and flexibility you require.​

We are listening and watching that the practice of chemistry is absolutely critical for the sustainability of the planet. Whatever your industry, whatever your cleaning needs, American Formula is dedicated to helping you provide a safer, cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

About Us

Company Information

We are proud to be a woman-owned business and one of the premier manufacturers of cleaning and maintenance chemicals. Founded in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia, American Formula manufactures a complete line of commercial cleaning solutions; including industrial, carpet, hard floor and restroom chemicals as well as bacteria based products, d’limonene products and many more. By manufacturing the highest quality, innovative products we offer our distributors the ability to solve their customer’s cleaning challenges. Our friendly and helpful customer service and knowledgeable technical support is just a phone call away. A cornerstone of our company is American Formula’s promise to only sell to qualified distributors and to protect our brand.

The Proud Makers of Endure

At Brian Wear Plumbing, we pride ourselves on bringing the safest products to our customers. ENDURE is at the top of our list. The product is fantastic at keeping the drains clear while also safe for Missouri Families and planer Earth.

Brian Wear Plumbing
Columbia, MO

I own several rental properties in SW Florida. The houses all have older septic systems. Using the monthly ENDURE treatment for the last 2 years. I have seen a dramatic improvement in the health of the tanks and the drain fields.This product has worked better that the powder-X I used to purchase over the counter.

Lithia Springs, FL

Been using Endure for 6 months and our work orders for drain issues in the student apartments has dropped by 75%. Would highly recommend this product.

Facilities Director
University of Nebraska

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